Upon graduation, a Holy Savior Catholic School fifth grader will:


  • Portray academic excellence through critical and creative thinking and decision making skills;

  • Be prepared to enter the future educational environment of middle school;

  • Be on the way to becoming a life-long learner;

  • Effectively utilize technology resources to acquire, create, and process information;

  • Strive for personal best.



  • Demonstrate knowledge of Catholic prayers, beliefs, and traditions;

  • Know the importance of scripture and live out the gospel message of Jesus;

  • Be growing into an active missionary disciple of Jesus;

  • Demonstrate respect for beliefs of others through a compassionate and empathetic spirit.



  • Integrate knowledge, faith, and values through making sound moral decisions in daily life;

  • Exhibit a commitment to a lifelong relationship with Jesus through the regular practice of prayer and reception of the Eucharist;



  • Reach out to others as leaders through service, charity, and good works;

  • Show self-respect and respect for others.



  • Exhibit self-control through physical activities;

  • Know the importance of proper nutrition and exercise for a healthy life.