The primary purpose of Holy Savior Catholic School is the Catholic education of the children in the community, complementing high-quality education in the various academic subjects with an emphasis on the truths presented to us by Christ through His church on Earth.

"Catholic education gives soul to the world." -Pope Francis, June 2018

“Christian education takes in the whole aggregate of human life, physical and spiritual, intellectual and moral, individual, domestic and social...” -Pope Pius XI

The program of Holy Savior Catholic School is planned to provide the training that fosters healthy development of the individual from nursery one through fifth grade, through close association with parents and community.

The worth of each individual entitles him to an education. We consider parents to be, in order of time and importance, the first educator, but they require the greater resources of groups. Thus, teachers maintain a position of authority which is exercised with Christian love and cooperation from the parents.

We are also responsible to society, which places upon the teacher the care of educating the young and of making them worthy citizens, honest and devoted to the general welfare.

We believe the school's program should be based on the worth and dignity of the child as he develops into an active participant in our democratic society. He should be taught in an atmosphere in which he can develop as a child of God and as a social human being, an atmosphere in which he is made aware of God in himself and his classmates through respect for himself and others. In this development, the teacher is the leader and guide, setting good examples by reflecting in his personal and professional life a commitment to Gospel values and Christian tradition.

We believe that:

  • the child must experience success and a feeling of security and affection.

  • the child must be motivated and guided in acquiring the skills, virtue and habits of heart and mind required to address with Christian insight the multiple problems of injustice which face individuals in our pluralistic society.

  • the child must be provided with learning experiences which enable him to transfer principles and generalizations developed in school to situations outside of the school.

  • the child should be provided with opportunities to speak, write, and compute with Christian attitudes, encouraged to exercise critical thinking and decision making, motivated to experience intellectual curiosity that will lead him to discovering and developing his potential as he increasingly understands and appreciates the accomplishments of others.

  • the school must foster the apostolic consciousness of the student by encouraging him to join in experimental learning activities that give witness to Christian justice and love.

  • each child is capable of growth and development and that our teaching should reflect a conscientious and sustained effort to keep abreast of the time in the development of educational trend.

By integrating the knowledge, faith, and values he or she gains here, the Holy Savior student will think critically, discover a love of learning, live the Gospel message, reach out to others in service, further social justice, and deepen his relationship with God.